Census Report, You

BFAMFAPhD / Julian Boilen / Vicky Virgin, 2014
Interactive Report

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Census Report, You


Looking at the Census Bureau’s 2010-2012 American Community Survey, BFAMFAPhD media contributors Vicky Virgin and Julian Boilen’s interactive Census Report shows that most artists (85%) in New York City have non-arts-related day jobs. The few people with art degrees who make their living as artists in New York City (15%) have median earnings of $25,000. This is one-half of the median earnings of other professionals in the city, which is hard to face after going into debt for $120,000 for an art degree, or dropping out, but artists are better off than most New Yorkers. Census Report is a sobering report for artists and arts advocates alike.

(CSV files provided by Vicky Virgin), Please add to the project on Github: Julian Boilen.

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