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Making and Being, Eight Conversations about Art & Pedagogy at Hauser and Wirth January 18, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

BFAMFAPhD presents Making and Being, a series of conversations that ask: What ways of making and being do we want to experience in art classes? The series places artists and educators in intimate conversation about forms of critique, cooperatives, artist-run spaces, healing, and the death of projects.

These conversations about Art & Pedagogy are co-presented by BFAMFAPhD & Pioneer Works Press, hosted by Hauser & Wirth, covered by media partners Eyebeam and Bad at Sports.


Modes of Critique

What modes of critique might foster racial equity in studio art classes at the college level?

Friday 1/18 from 6-8pm

Billie Lee, Anthony Romero and Judith Leeman of the Retooling Critique Working Group

Respondents: artist Chantal Feitosa, and filmmaker Eloise Sherrid.

RSVP   Making and Being: Modes of Critique


Artist-Run Spaces

How do artists create contexts for encounters with their projects that are aligned with their goals?

Friday 2/1 from 6-8pm

Linda Goode-Bryant, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, and Salome Asega

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Building Cooperatives

What if the organization of labor was integral to your project?

Friday 2/22 from 6-8pm

Members of Meerkat Filmmakers Collective and Friends of Light

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Healing and Care (OFFSITE EVENT)

How do artists ensure that their individual and collective needs are met in order to dream, practice, work on, and return to their projects each day?

Thursday 2/28 from 6-8pm

Adaku Utah and Taraneh Fazeli

RSVP Making and Being: Healing and Caring


When Projects Depart

What practices might we develop to honor the departure of a project?  For example, where do materials go when they are no longer of use, value, or interest?

Thursday 3/14 from 6-8pm

Millet Israeli and Lindsay Tunkl

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Group Agreements

What group agreements are necessary in gatherings that occur at residencies, galleries, and cultural institutions today?

Friday 4/19 from 6-8pm

Sarah Workneh, Laurel Ptak, and Danielle Jackson

RSVP  Making and Being: Group Agreements


Open Meeting for Arts Educators and Teaching Artists

How might arts educators gather together to develop, share, and practice pedagogies that foster collective skills and values?

Friday 5/17 from 6-8pm

Facilitators: Members of the Pedagogy Group

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Book Launch: Making and Being: A Guide to Embodiment, Collaboration and Circulation in the Visual Arts

What ways of making and being do we want to experience in art classes?

Friday 10/25 from 6-8pm

Stacey Salazar in dialog with Caroline Woolard, Susan Jahoda, and Emilio Martinez Poppe of BFAMFAPhD

RSVP to info@bfamfaphd.com (eventbrite will be live 2 weeks before the event)