Ten Leaps: A Lexicon for Art Education

BFAMFAPhD /Susan Jahoda, Emilio Martinez Poppe, Caroline Woolard
2015-ongoing, Dimensions Variable, Cards, Website, Syllabi

Ten Leaps: A Lexicon for Art Education is a free resource for educators that can be used in classroom, exhibition, and workshop contexts to analyze and reimagine power relationships in the arts. The text, workbook, and card game are tools that prompt investigations into the whole life of projects—the ways materials are sourced, how the labor for producing a project is organized, how tools are accessed, how an artwork is supported, copyrighted, narrated, encountered, acquired, and how it finally departs, ready for another life cycle. Ten Leaps: A Lexicon for Art Education offers the vocabulary of supply chains to articulate the politics of production behind any project. When the lifecycle of a project is discussed, a wide range of choices for organizing work, compensating workers, and producing projects becomes visible and open to contestation. 

Ten Leaps is published by Punctum Books.

A website with teaching tools, videos, and presentations to accompany Ten Leaps is coming soon!

Email us at info@bfamfaphd.com to be notified when the book is published this summer.



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