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Making and Being: When Projects Depart, Fifth Conversation about Art&Pedagogy at Hauser and Wirth March 14, 2019 @ 6:00 pm

BFAMFAPhD presents Making and Being, a series of conversations that ask: What ways of making and being do we want to experience in art classes? The series places artists and educators in intimate conversation about forms of critique, cooperatives, artist-run spaces, healing, and the death of projects.

These conversations about Art & Pedagogy are co-presented by BFAMFAPhD & Pioneer Works Press, hosted by Hauser & Wirth, covered by media partners Eyebeam and Bad at Sports.

The fifth installment of this series will focus on what practices might be developed to honor the departure of a project. For example, where do materials go when they are no longer of use, value, or interest?

Thursday 3/14 from 6-8pm

This conversation will include Millet Israeli and Lindsay Tunkl.

More information and RSVP  Making and Being: When Projects Depart   

You can listen to this event on podcast published by Bad at Sports here.